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Sitni Sati FumeFX[max] 6.0 Subscription 2 year

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Product highlights
2-year subscription
Node based system with more than 140 ready to use nodes
New FumeFX Pyro Vorticity
New FumeFX adaptive grid control
Extensive integration with the Arnold renderer supporting point rendering, procedural rendering of splines via Arnold curves, geometry instances, volumes and custom channels
Product Family
Product Type
Media: Electronic Delivery
Product Type
Term: 2 Years
  • - 2-year subscription
  • - Node based system with more than 140 ready to use nodes
  • - New FumeFX Pyro Vorticity
  • - New FumeFX adaptive grid control
  • - Extensive integration with the Arnold renderer supporting point rendering, procedural rendering of splines via Arnold curves, geometry instances, volumes and custom channels
  • Product Family FumeFX[max]
  • Product Type Media: Electronic Delivery
  • Product Type Term: 2 Years
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FumeFX 6 is multiphysics plug-in for 3ds max that integrates fluid dynamics with node-based system that includes particles, rope, rigid body dynamics, cloth, soft body dynamics, inflatable softbody, voxel grid manipulation, node based access to FumeFX simulation and sources, character animation control and other.

With over 140 ready to use nodes artists can create a completely new range of visual effects directly inside the FumeFX package more efficiently and cost-effective than ever before. Controlling FumeFX simulation or modifying existing caches by using a modern node based workflow opens up endless possibilities.

Artist will benefit from direct support of Arnold points, splines, instances, volumes, custom channels and procedurals.

Feature film and games

Over the past 17 years of development and innovations FumeFX has become an integral part of major studio production pipelines. It has been used to create visual effects for many blockbuster films such as Dr. Strange, Thor, Roland Emmerich's 2012, Hugo, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Priest, Skyline, Suckerpunch, Spiderman 3, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Superman Returns, Iron Man and more. Computer game cinematics like Blizzard's StarCraft II, Assassin's Creed Revelations, The Warhammer Series and many others have relied on FumeFX software to achieve stunning visuals.

Fluid Dynamics

The FumeFX simulation core has been constantly improved and refined to deliver high level of realism with minimal simulation times. With over 17 years of successful usage in film production, video games, the advertisement industry and other areas that require realistic fire and smoke have helped in shaping the fluid simulation package that users can rely on. Whether making a candle dancing on the wind or destroying a whole city block in 2012 movie style, FumeFX can help you deliver the shot on time and within budget.

  • The Solver
    The QCG solver in FumeFX is optimized for speed and robustness. It has complete control over the realism vs speed balance.
  • Combustion with Oxygen
    The Fire model within FumeFX adds Oxygen to the equation. This new component brings forth various new ways to creatively control the burn process.
  • Vorticity
    With the addition of various vorticity models you can choose from visually different curl types giving your FumeFX simulations a more unique look and feel.
  • Render Warps
    Whether you want to create a special effect or need to tweak a final animation, with Render Warps there are many more possibilities. With just a few mouse clicks users can warp their cached simulation and watch the resulting deformation directly inside the 3ds Max Viewport, or in rendered images.
  • Effectors
    Gain creative control over almost every simulation parameter and field. With Effectors it is simple to control vorticity by velocity or to generate smoke based on any other channel value. Effectors take channel data to the next step.
  • Post Processing
    The Post Processing lets you retime caches, bake Render Warps, convert between various formats, or improve cache fetch and save disk space by excluding channels that are no longer needed in your workflow.
  • N-Sim
    It is a great time saving solution. This allows the user to simulate multiple overlapping grids simultaneously while all fields propagate between the overlapping grid boundaries automatically.
  • Wavelet Turbulence
    It's never been easier to add more detail to an existing FumeFX simulation. It is a fast, memory efficient and predictable way to increase grid resolution.
  • GPU Viewport
    The GPU accelerated viewport produces render-comparable images to give instant feedback on appearance and behavior of the simulation. Among many advantages, it supports viewport .png export during the simulation.


NodeWorks is a completely new node based multiphysics developed for FumeFX 6 release. It includes over 140 ready to use nodes arranged into 15 functional groups like Dynamics, FumeFX and Voxels, Fibers, PhysX, Splines, Shapes, Math to name a few.


NodeWorks particles are organized into groups and clusters and they're the very foundation for the cloth, soft body dynamics, rigid body dynamics, fractures and other simulations within the NodeWorks. Particle custom channels can be used with Arnold renderer's user data textures which makes it easy to use particle attributes for shading.

  • Face Shatter
    Use various activation methods to gradually disintegate objects on a face/polygon level.
  • Voronoi Fracture
    Fast and robust geometry fracturing using various built-in patterns, particle group and custom fracture contact points.
  • Swarm
    Simulate realistic behavior of fish schools, flocking of birds or swarms with direct control over physical parameters.
  • Splines
    Connect particles with splines in various ways and render as geometry or procedurally as Arnold curves.
  • Rigid Body Dynamics
    NodeWorks uses nVidia PhysX for rigid body dynamics as well as cloth and soft body collisions.
  • ISurf
    Fast particle mesher that include Zhu-Bridson and Anisotropic meshing model. It lets you to mesh particles and FumeFX voxels.
  • Voxelize
    Convert any shape of even fluid simulation into cubes.
  • Animation
    Extensive support for node based shape animation - play, stop or switch animation based on other events.
  • Rendering
    Full support for: Arnold renderer points, curves, instances, procedurals , user data and FStorm instances.


Voxel related nodes allow integration with FumeFX simulation, cache manipulation and custom voxel field creation. The content of each voxel can be directly accessed and modified which opens up endless possibilities.

  • Custom Force Fields
    Complete node based freedom in sculpting your own force field that can be cached and used with particles or fluid simulations.
  • FumeFX Sources and Collisions
    Sources integration with particles, cloth, rigid body dynamics, splines and all other NodeWorks features provides ultimate emission control.
  • Particle Advection
    Built-in particle advection node allows user to move millions of particles over the existing FumeFX simulation caches.

Cloth and Soft Body

NodeWorks' particle based cloth and soft body dynamics can create a vast range of visual effects that interact with FumeFX fluid simulations. Effects such as tear and plasticity are fully supported.

  • FumeFX Interaction
    One of the most important aspects of NodeWorks is the integration with FumeFX simulation. Artists now have a unique solution to use cloth and softy body objects as FumeFX sourcs or obstacles.
  • Cloth
    Cloth is formed by creating three different fiber types on the object's surface: stretch, shear and bend. Those fibers can be stretched, torn or undergo permanent deformations (plasicity).
  • Soft Body
    Soft body objects contain fibers that are created throughout the object's interior providing additional structural support.
  • Inflatable Soft Body
    This soft body type allows object to be gradually inflated and float in air by using the buoyancy option.
  • Plasticity
    A solid material can undergo permanent deformations as a respone to external forces. It is observed in most materials and it is essential asset to achieve realistic cloth and soft body simulations.
  • Tear
    The node based workflow allows artist to select and tweak each individual fiber in the system as well as to precisely time and position fiber tear.


FumeFX for 3ds Max has various levels of support for 3ds Max Scanline, Arnold, Redshift, Corona render and FStorm. Other renderers like Octane and VRay can render FumeFX caches by using the OpenVDB file format.

  • Arnold
    FumeFX and NodeWorks are deeply integrated with Arnold renderer including direct support for rendering volumes, points, splines, instances, procedurals and user data.
  • Redshift and Corona
    Those two renderers have direct support for rendering FumeFX volumes where user does not need to export caches to .vdb file and use volume grids.
  • FStorm
    FStorm supports rendering of NodeWorks shape instances.

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