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Autodesk 3ds Max: Introducing Key Feature Updates

Nov 18th 2023

In their latest release, Autodesk 3ds Max comes packed with features designed to enhance your 3D design workflow. Here's a concise overview of the key additions:ModelingConform Modifier: Achieve precision by seamlessly wrapping splines or geomet … read more

Autodesk Flame 2024 Key Features Update

Nov 18th 2023

Explore the latest enhancements in Autodesk Flame, designed to streamline your post-production process:Visual Effects & FinishingSubtitling Toolset for Timeline: Simplify subtitle management directly within the Timeline.MP4 Export Capabiliti … read more

Autodesk Arnold New Features Unveiled

Nov 18th 2023

Explore the latest features in Autodesk Arnold designed to enhance rendering efficiency:Shapes, Lights, and Cameras Improved Global Light Sampling: Achieve lower noise levels in areas behind Quad and Disk Lights, with speedups up to 5%. Sc … read more

Autodesk Maya 2024 Introduces Key Features

Nov 18th 2023

Discover the latest features in Autodesk Maya 2024, designed to enhance creativity and collaboration:Modeling Improvements Modeling Improvements: Several Retopologize updates, including a new version of ReForm and symmetry improvements.Rigging … read more

Unlock Unbeatable Black Friday Deals at Motion Media!

Nov 16th 2023

Brace yourself for the ultimate Black Friday extravaganza at Motion Media! Dive into a world of unbeatable deals on cutting-edge hardware and software that will supercharge your projects. We'll keep this page updated as we drop new deals between … read more