Manage Groups for Autodesk Licenses

POSTED 16th OF Jan, 2023

Manage Groups for Autodesk Licenses Manage Groups for Autodesk Licenses

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Managing Autodesk groups allow you to organize users into specific roles and assign them access to specific products. For example, you can create a group for architects and assign them access to AutoCAD and Revit, or create a group for civil engineers and assign them access to Civil 3D and Navisworks Manage. Groups are different from teams in that they are created within a team and are not shared across teams, even if the groups have the same users in different teams. Teams are a higher level of organization in Autodesk Account and provide a way to manage users and subscriptions at a broader level.

In Autodesk Account, groups allow you to organize users and assign them access to the same products. Groups can correspond to specialized roles and can be created within a team, but are not shared across teams. Classic user management does not support groups and Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) or ShotGrid offerings cannot be added to groups. 

To create a group, go to User Management > By Group, click Create Group, enter a name and click Create Group. 

To add users to a group, select a group, click Add Users, select users from the list or upload a CSV file. 

To assign products to a group's members, select a group, click View Assignments, choose products and click Assign. 

Groups can be renamed or deleted, but doing so does not affect individual product assignments. 

For Premium and Enterprise plans, groups can be synced with users in an organization's directory using SSO, but this feature must be set up by the primary and SSO admins.