Quixel Suite Sunset

As you may have seen on the Quixel help center, they are sunsetting development on Quixel Suite, while finding a new home for what you loved most about NDO, DDO, and 3DO.

The goal for Suite was always to give artists the creative freedom to texture anything, and for many years, they tried to iterate Suite in a way that increases that very freedom. In that process, however, being reliant on Photoshop they found that they were unable to make it into the stable, fast, and feature rich experience that you deserve. As heavily requested by the community, they found that developing a fully standalone application would be the best way to achieve this goal.

Many of you have shown huge support for Suite over the years and they want you to know that your faith in them is deeply appreciated. It isn’t easy for them to say goodbye to something that has been a big part of their lives and work there at Quixel, but they're confident that they have something much greater for you in store.

While Quixel Suite will no longer be supported or available for new users, if you have already purchased a perpetual Quixel Suite license, you can continue using it in your workflows, and they will continue to assist you with routine operational issues such as a change in your email or a license issue. You can also access some helpful links that you may need from time to time here.

Free access to Quixel Mixer

They can finally announce that long-time customers of Quixel and newcomers alike will get Quixel Mixer, the next generation alternative and spiritual successor to Quixel Suite, 100% free of charge. It is a standalone app that aims to do all the best of what you could do with Suite, in a faster, more robust, and more creative fashion. Quixel Mixer is totally free to use commercially, forever! You can get it here today.

Mixer is currently in beta, and you can get a sneak peek of the next beta update in this video.

Today they are revealing that Mixer will finally include 3D painting and Smart Material support, on top of a huge new feature set.

While Quixel Suite was developed by 1 person, Quixel Mixer is now developed by a team of 10 (and counting). They are rapidly building Mixer and would love to hear about the features you would like to see in the future.

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