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Greyscalegorilla is an active community and resource for training and tools for creative types. They make helpful, fun tutorials and build tools to help artists make beautiful work that they love.

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  • Cinema 4D Tools - Topcoat

    Topcoat Easily layer reflectance in your scene Add imperfections for realistic textures Includes Render Fast™ presets What is Topcoat? Topcoat is a brand new texturing plugin from Greyscalegorilla that makes...

    $69.00 $65.00

  • Cinema 4D Tools - Light Kit Pro

    Light Kit Pro Instant studio lighting Based on real studio lights Over 40 preset light studios What is Light Kit Pro? Light Kit Pro is a collection of light rigs, studios and objects that lets you quickly light your scene...

    $99.00 $93.25

  • Cinema 4D Tools - Texture Kit Pro

    Texture Kit Pro Over 600 custom C4D materials Procedural and image based Textures for every situation What is Texture Kit Pro? Texture Kit is a collection of over 600 Custom Materials and Textures for Cinema 4D for use in...

    $99.00 $93.25

  • Cinema 4D Tools - HDRI Studio Pack

    HDRI Studio Pack Over 70 HDRI Studio maps Global illumination presets Easily render GI animation What is HDRI Studio Pack? Add perfect Global Illumination lighting and reflections to your scenes with ease with HDRI Studio...

    $129.00 $121.50

  • Cinema 4D Tools - Signal

    Signal Procedural animation for Cinema 4D Seamless loopable animation Animate any parameter in C4D Experiment with your animation What is Signal? Signal is a new Cinema 4D plugin from Greyscalegorilla that allows for easy...

    $129.00 $121.50

  • Cinema 4D Tools - City Kit

    City Kit Instant city builder for C4D Low poly for fast rendering Day and night time rigs What is City Kit? City Kit builds realistic looking cities in Cinema 4D with a click of a button. Customize your city kit with your...

    $149.00 $140.25

  • Cinema 4D Tools - Transform

    Transform Build and destroy tool for C4D 69 animation presets Supertext for perfect type Animate without keyframes Take control with custom mode What is Transform? Transform makes complex animation simple in C4D without...

    $199.00 $187.25

  • Everything Bundle Greyscalegorilla offers several "Bundles" of their most popular software and plugins. As it's name suggests, this bundle gives you everything GSG offers from Cinema 4D. Everything C4D Bundle Includes: ...

    $720.00 $684.00

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