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Since 1992, Digimation has helped companies leverage 3D graphics to inform, instruct, and inspire. Their products and services have been used in the creation of interactive virtual training, high fidelity simulations, big budget video games, blockbuster films, and countless other projects that call for realistic 3D visualization.

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  • Digimation MoCap 400 (Download) - Image 1

    MoCap400 Now you can apply the motion of real people to your 3D animations. Whether you are visualizing football tackles, walk cycles, or hip hop dancing, your animations will come alive with the subtle nuances of 3D human...


  • Digimation Illustrate! (Download) - Image 1

    Digimation Illustrate! Illustrate! allows you to render your 3D scene in a variety of artistic styles. The most common is the cel or toon style where the objects are rendered with a single or limited number of colors and...

    $395.00 $375.00

  • Digimation Model Bank Library (CD/DVD) - Image 1

    Model Bank Library The Model Bank Library features 1,200 fully textured, high- resolution 3D models in 3DS format. The library includes a wide variety of models including vehicles, animals, aircraft, architecture, sports,...

    $199.00 $189.00

  • Digimation The Archive 3D Model Library (CD/DVD) - Image 1

    The Archive The Archive features 16,504 high-quality models across a wide range of subject matter including more than a thousand digitized vehicles, highly detailed human anatomy, architectural landmarks, military...

    $599.00 $579.00

  • Digimation The Archive & Model Bank Bundle (DVD) - Image 1

    The Archive Bundle This bundle includes BOTH the Archive 3D Model Library (and all of it's 16,504 models) AND the Model Bank Library (and it's 1200 models) for a total of 17,704 models. The Archive The Archive features...

    $699.00 $665.00

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