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With The Pixel Farm's products, users can analyse, manage, repurpose and recreate image data and metadata in new, more flexible and efficient pipelines, providing artists with greater creative potential than ever before.

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  • The Pixel Farm PFTrack - Image 1

    Tracking professionals throughout the VFX industry regard PFTrack as the most innovative product of its kind. With unparalleled flexibility, functionality and precision, it is the go to matchmoving and layout software for a...


  • The Pixel Farm PFClean - Image 1

    PFClean is the most widely adopted software solution for film and video restoration, from film transfer to remastering blockbuster movies, serving a broad client base from audiovisual archives to broadcasters and film...


  • The Pixel Farm PFLic License Server - Image 1

    PFLic is a lightweight application, designed to run as a background service, providing floating licensing for the majority of The Pixel Farm's applications. PFLic is only provided with a dongle; running PFLic without a...


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