Autodesk Maya 2024 Introduces Key Features

POSTED 17th OF Nov, 2023

Discover the latest features in Autodesk Maya 2024, designed to enhance creativity and collaboration:

Modeling Improvements
  • Modeling Improvements: Several Retopologize updates, including a new version of ReForm and symmetry improvements.
Rigging & Animation
  • Deformation Improvements: Enjoy enhancements to the Bake Deformer tool and a new Snap Proximity Wrap Bind option.
  • Time Slider Enhancements: Benefit from several Time Slider key selection fixes.
  • Graph Editor Improvements: Experience Graph Editor improvements, including the use of curve sculpting tools to move keys in Time and Value.
  • Skin Cluster Improvements: Unbind all individual skin clusters and support for multiple skin clusters in the Bake Deformer Tool.
Proceduralism & Simulation (Bifrost)
  • MPM Rubber: Introducing MPM Rubber for simulating rubber joints, expanding the MPM Materials family with MPM Gel (introduced in 2.7).
  • Component Tags: Procedurally tag and manipulate model elements.
  • NanoVTT: Discover the new default renderer for volumes in the viewport.
Look Development
  • LookdevX Enhancements: Explore new features in Maya’s agnostic, node-based material editor (introduced in Maya 2024), such as the ability to drag and drop images from an external file browser.
  • USD Improvements: New features include saving USD files relatively, SDK improvements, and important bug fixes.
  • Apple Silicon Support: Native support for Apple Silicon and Intel architectures.

These new capabilities in Maya enhance artists' creativity and collaboration. Enjoy continuous improvements to core modeling, rigging, animation, and simulation tools, alongside innovative tools like LookdevX—an agnostic material editor integrated with USD.

Explore the enhanced capabilities of Autodesk Maya 2024. For more information and to harness these features, visit