Sales Tax

Local Sales Tax

If the order is shipped within California , the law requires that local sales tax be added to the order total including the amount of the shipping charge. If you have resale or tax exempt status, please make your order by Phone, Fax or E-Mail, since we do not have this option available on our web site as of this time.

Purchases in our store are subject to an 9.5%% local sales tax. This tax is not a VAT and cannot be recovered by non-USA visitors when returning home.

If your order is shipping to an address in a state which requires local sales tax collection on remote purchases, or is being picked up in our El Segundo location, local sales tax will be automatically collected unless the account is registered as tax-exempt. 

Tax Exempt

Government, education, non-profit organizations, public charities, churches and other religious organizations usually qualify for tax-exempt purchases. Once approved, customers may make tax-exempt purchases on behalf of their organizations online at

To Apply for a Tax-Exempt account, please call us at (310) 450-4000.