Uberware Smedge Renderfarm Management Software (perpetual license)

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Designed for artists and operators
Simple and intuitive interfaces
Automated configuration and wrangling
Runs networks over 1,500 nodes
Distribute work by processor, GPU, RAM, or node
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Individual Titles
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Media: Electronic Delivery
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Plugin Host Application
Adobe After Effects
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Autodesk 3ds Max
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Autodesk Maya
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Blackmagic Fusion Studio
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Foundry Modo
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Foundry Nuke
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Maxon Cinema 4D
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Newtek Lightwave 3D
OS: Windows
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OS: Linux
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The latest generation of Smedge render farm management software gives you the stability and performance of a proven enterprise scale render farm controller, in a package that is easy to deploy, manage, and use, and that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Smedge has been proven in production for over 15 years, on networks up to 1,500 nodes. Combining your Windows, Linux and Mac machines is a snap with the amazing cross-platform abilities. And its automatic installation features make adding future nodes as simple as download - install - render.

Far beyond the mere render farm control software, the Smedge system is designed to accurately and efficiently distribute absolute anything. If it can be divided up, Smedge can manage it. And it's flexible enough to fit into any production pipeline, even with custom tools and scripts. Smedge is in production use by effects, animation and game studios, broadcasters, commercial render farms, automotive and aerospace giants, architects, legal and medical visualization firms, and educational institutions around the world. Smedge runs identically on Windows, Mac and Linux, and can connect machines from all platforms automatically.

Proven Performance

Stability you need...

  • Production Tested
    Smedge has been in production use for over 15 years worldwide. It is currently in production at locations ranging from a handful of machines to large data-centers running over 1,500 nodes. Customers include visual effects and animation facilities (Sony Pictures Animation), commercial render farms (Rebusfarm), broadcasters (MTV), video game studios (Microsoft), automotive (Jaguar Land-Rover), aerospace (Boeing), and educational institutions (Art Institutes, Harvard Medical School).
  • Modular Event Driven Architecture
    Smedge is highly modular, and components are automatically updated with only the information they need as that information becomes available to the system for a responsive feel with minimal network usage. And you can easily hook into the events to customize rendering or integrate Smedge into even the most complicated production pipelines.
  • Highly Automated Configuration
    Smedge dynamically controls its own performance, so you don't need to be an expert at optimizing databases or networks just to get it running, even at scale. It can automatically configure the components used on a machine, and automatically manage the details of the underlying client/server network architecture. Smedge can also automtically find the render executables, automatically use customized settings you have configured on new nodes, and even automatically customize the graphical interface for your artists and wranglers.

Features you want...

  • Seamless Cross-Platform Integration
    All Smedge components work identically on Windows, Linux and Mac computers, and can seamlessly interconnect creating a heterogeneous network from all of your available hardware.
  • Powerful Prioritization
    Smedge includes several levels of prioritization including prioritized 'Pools' of nodes, numerical job priority, and job dependencies. You can configure either 'first-in, first-out' or 'round robin' style distribution for equivalent priority jobs.
  • Power Saving Features
    Smedge can put machines into low power mode when not in use and wake them automatically only when they are needed, or manually whenever you want. You can also shift your licenses where they are needed without interrupting or restarting anything, in order to optimize your hardware usage.
  • Decentralized Control
    You can configure any attribute of any node or job from any other node. You can even configure several machines at once, and apply preset configurations to quickly adjust lots of settings. Of course you can lock down this control if needed.
  • Background Operation
    Smedge can be used in a simple click and render mode, or it can be set to run automatically at boot as a service or daemon.

Intuitive Interface

GUI that you can understand...

  • Simple and Consistent Interface
    With a consistent user interface for all products, the Smedge graphical interface is also highly customizable and provides a responsive and easy to understand portal for artists, TDs, render wranglers, and system administrators to submit and monitor jobs, and control the system.
  • Customizable Integration
    Smedge can integrate with your favorite frame viewer to allow you to view rendered frames and sequences directly from the interface. You can also integrate with your favorite remote desktop system to allow you to easily check in on your machines without leaving your desk.
  • Specialized Interfaces
    • Have Smedge play a sound, send an email, or run any custom process on your machine when render events occur using the graphical Herald component.
    • Use Check File Sequence to browse the rendered image files and easily find and re-queue bad or missing frames.
    • Get an overview of the processor and memory usage across your entire farm with the Conspectus tool.
    • And everyone loves Aegis: a simple graphical interface to enable or disable your workstation from participating on the farm.

CLI that you can use...

  • Do Everything with Commands
    Smedge also includes a complete suite of command line tools that can interact with the system. Anything that you can do from the GUI you can also do from the command line. Using these tools it is possible to completely integrate Smedge into any pipeline, and even to completely replace the default graphical interface with whatever customized interface you desire.
  • Submit Directly from Other Packages
    Smedge ships with integration scripts that allow you to submit jobs without leaving your rendering application interface. Smedge includes scripts to integrate with applications like Maya, NUKE, CINEMA 4D, After Effects and 3D Studio Max, giving your artists a comfortable way to get their work into the system without requiring them to open and run a separate application. And you can easily adjust these scripts for your particular pipeline while benefiting from the work already provided.
  • Overridable Options
    Most options and configurations can be loaded from multiple locations, allowing you to configure system-wide defaults that can get overridden at a machine level and then overridden again at a user level. Combine these files with the ability to run Smedge from a file server, and you have an incredible amount of power to configure your system easily, while still allowing complete customization for machines and users where you need it.

Control Anything

Smedge's open design allows you to control nearly any kind of process that you want to distribute. The easiest processes to control are those with a command line interface, which can often be added as Virtual Modules in under an hour. But even the most complicated forms of inter-process communication can be used with Smedge, including using files, pipes, streams, sockets, or shared memory. These are the products that are supported out of the box:

  • 3D Studio Max
    • sequences and single frames
    • using any plug-in renderers
  • 3Delight
  • AfterEffects
  • Air
  • Aqsis
  • Alias
  • Blender
    • using any plug-in renderers
  • Combustion
  • Digital Fusion
  • FFmpeg
  • Fryrender
    • sequences and single frames
  • Gelato
  • Houdini
    • using any plug-in renderers
  • imgcvt
  • Indigo
    • sequences and single frames
  • Lightwave
  • MachStudio Pro
  • Maxwell
    • sequences and single frames
  • Maya
    • sequences and single frames
    • 3Delight for Maya
    • Arnold for Maya
    • finalRender for Maya
    • Maxwell for Maya
    • Maya software renderer
    • Maya hardware renderer
    • Maya lightmap exporter
    • mental ray for Maya
    • RenderMan for Maya
    • V-Ray for Maya
    • or any other plug-in renderers
  • MayaMan
  • mental ray Standalone
  • MODO
  • NUKE
  • Pixar RenderMan
  • REDline
  • Rendition
  • Shake
  • SihlouetteFX
  • Softimage (XSI)
    • using any plug-in renderers
  • Thea
    • sequences and single frames
  • Turtle
  • V-Ray Standalone
  • Viz
  • Vue

- Product Identifiers -

MPN: Smedge

- Product Specifications -

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows Vista or later
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • Linux

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