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Next Limit RealFlow 10 (new, floating, 1 GUI, 1 Simnode)

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Product Description


RealFlow is a recognized standard for the simulation of fluids and body dynamics in films and television. From a small droplet to a tsunami, RealFlow can achieve stunning results. In January 2008, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences granted the creators a Technical Achievement Award. RealFlow is a fully-featured standalone package, available for Windows, OSX and Linux, and compatible with all major 3D platforms, via free connectivity plugins.

  • RealFlow Key Features
    • Industry-standard, out-of-the-box fluid simulation software.
    • Fast and easy to use
    • Compatible with ALL major 3D platforms
    • The definitive fluid simulation software for over 15 years
    • Award winning (including the Technical Achievement Award granted by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)

  • Support and Maintenance
    Every RealFlow license comes with one year's FREE support and maintenance. This entitles you to:
    • FREE upgrades to later versions of the software
    • Access to the download area to download patches and plug-ins
    • Prompt, personal technical support.

    When your free year ends, simply renew your annual subscription to ensure you get the latest version of the software and the highest standard of technical support.

What's New in RealFlow 10?

  • DYVERSO Improvements: 2X GPU
    The DYVERSO solver architecture has been redesigned to get the most out of the modern GPUs and multi-core CPUs.
    • GPU CUDA 2x
    • GPU OpenCL 2x
    • CPU 1.5x
    • GPU 3x (Over CPU)*

    (*)Intel(R) Core™ i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz, 3201 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s) NVIDIA Quadro K6000 GPU, 2880 NVIDIA CUDA® parallel processing cores.

  • HYBRIDO Improvements
    HYBRIDO is now 2x faster when compared to RealFlow 2015, with additional improvements to Memory Footprint and Foam Creation

  • Daemons
    • Particle Skinner Daemon
      The daemons' main purpose is to transfer particle motion and animation (as a whole particle system) to geometry objects. In effect, particles function as bones for skinning the modified geometry.
    • K Volume Object Mode
      Any object can be used to remove particles that are inside.
    • Falloff Object Mode
      Objects can be used to fade a daemon's forces and control exactly how they should vanish.

  • Workflow
    • Project Manager
      There is a new, totally revamped version of the Project Manager where you can find your scenes quickly and have access to learning material at your finger tips.
    • Export Panel
      Every single node has now its own export panel where all the parameters related to caching can be manipulated avoiding the longer and less intuitive task of editing them through the Export Central tool.
    • Parameter Groups
      Parameters having additional sub-parameters can now be collapsed/expanded providing a cleaner way of looking at your parameters.
    • Scene Node Tree
      Now the Scene Node Tree represents the transformation hierarchy of your scene which is a more intuitive way of looking at your nodes' parent/child relationship.
    • Pack and Go
      Move your scenes around making sure you always include all the external resources.
    • Save Incremental
      One-click way of automatically versioning your projects.
    • Quick Access Tool
      Quick access to any RealFlow command.
    • Scene Info
      You can add comments to your scene using rich text with images, tags can also be used for quick finding of your scenes in the Project Manager.
    • Optional Embedding
      You can decide whether to include the simulation data in your scene or not.

  • Additional Features
    • Bitmap Emitter Improvements.
    • Continuous Collision Detection.
    • Better support for 4K monitors.
    • Time Scale for Hybrido secondary emitters.
    • Homogenization of bounded options in Daemons.
    • Environment variables can be used in the preferences window.
    • License priority pick up.

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