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Genarts Sapphire 10 Adobe and/or OFX

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Product Description


Sapphire is a robust collection of 260+ effects, transitions, and preset looks. The industry's best artists, editors, and animators have looked to Sapphire for over 20 years when they need to create everything from photorealistic effects to breathtaking artistic looks.

Sapphire empowers artists and editors to bring their stories to life. While the effects themselves have a strong reputation for their high quality - particularly for lighting and distortion - Sapphire features tools like Builder* that allow users to easily create their own effects and transitions. Sapphire also comes with flexible licensing options such as cross-host licensing and floating licenses to fit your business needs - whether you are a one-person shop or are in need of complex enterprise solutions.

Sapphire 10 Description

In this latest version, Sapphire 10 offers major improvements to Builder, as well as three new effects for your VFX toolkit.

Builder comes with an improved UI, making way for more creative options and efficient workflow solutions. With the addition of multiple source inputs, Builder frees you from the limitations of a timeline. Editors now have an easy, visual way to combine different source layers and effects, instead of having to manage multiple layers or nested effects. After Effects and Resolve artists can enjoy a similar benefit, by using a single matte for multiple sources to reduce the complexity of projects. With Builder's improved and easy-to-use UI, you can achieve your creative vision in minutes, building effects and transitions that would otherwise take hours or days to build from scratch.

Also new in Builder are 60 Builder Effects. These are presets made up of unique and new combinations Sapphire effects, spanning stylistic and correctional looks. Discover brand new transitions as well as new textures, designs, and lighting effects. You can find the latest Builder Effects in Sapphire 10 by clicking the new "Builder Effects" button in the preset browser.

The standout new effect in Sapphire 10 is Luna, a high-resolution, photo realistic moon generator that's useful for visual effects artists and editors alike. Also new to Sapphire 10 are Brush and RomanTile, both of which add a variety of studio art and geometric textures to your video. Each new effect is extremely versatile in the looks they are able to generate, and ship with a selection of presets.

*Sapphire Builder is currently available for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Media Composer, and DaVinci Resolve.

New Effects

  • Brush - Apply realistic paint brush strokes to any image or graphic. Use different mediums like oil or chalk, and many different brush surfaces such as felt tip, sponge, or pencil.

  • Luna - Depict accurate lunar cycles down to date and time with this high-resolution, photorealistic moon generator. Using a complex bump map to achieve stunning realism, Luna features a wide array of options such as halo, glow, color tint, and atmosphere.

  • RomanTile - Form a quilted patchwork of tiles with a textured geometric mosaic overlay. Add in grout, play with different textures, and use custom embossing to achieve a variety of different looks.

Improved Features

  • Builder Improvements - Use multiple source clips inside Builder, either with a matte from a path or alpha channel. Clean up complex node trees with a new snap-to-grid function. The possibilities have truly become limitless with new enhancements to Builder.

  • Improved Preset Browser - Access Builder presets with one click and browse the newest presets with a "new-to-version-10" button, clickable right from within the preset browser.


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