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  cebas thinkingParticles 6.x Subscription (1 year)
cebas thinkingParticles 6.0 Subscription (1 year)


cebas thinkingParticles 6.x Subscription (1 year)

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Welcome to thinkingParticles 6™

thinkingParticles™ is one of cebas' flagship plugins widely known for its fully procedural and physically accurate, real world destruction and special effects simulations in the movie industry.

Countless blockbuster movies and projects have depended on thinkingParticles' limitless ability to portray advanced physics-based particle effects that are simply mind-blowing!

Now, entering the world of fully procedural fluid dynamics and soft body simulations; thinkingParticles Release 6 covers almost any and all possible scenarios of, what is known as, the "multi-physics" effects.

What is the multi-physics effects? It means artistic license to create and re-create countless combined simulations involving fluid dynamics, soft bodies and rigid bodies in multiple actions, down to a realistic particle level.

New features found in thinkingParticles 6

As with every new major release, new functions and enhancements have been added to thinkingParticles. With thinkingParticles Release 6, the upgraded physics solver will act as the multi-physics integrated solution driving all future versions of thinkingParticles. For the first time, thinkingParticles Release 6 comes programmed with a dedicated Fluid Simulation System, empowering the creation of evermore realistic and diverse on-screen fluid effects.

The features explained below are sure to enhance any tP users' experience like nothing before!

You Are Your Own Magician!

Every time a paradigm challenge comes about in trying to make a breakthrough in terms of special effects, the movie and artistic industries goes into a frenzy of seeking expensive, overpriced "magicians" or buy expensive standalone software that may present integration issues down the road. Well, cebas can tell you that they have their own procedural tricks up their sleeves that would make even the world famous magician, 'Harry Houdini' go wild! In fact, cebas believes he might have learned a thing or two from them.

thinkingParticles Release 6.0 is a breakthrough on computational procedural physics and particles in motion, one of many thinkingParticles' latest and biggest release yet - redefining special effects - cebas Visual Technology Release 6.0 has come up with simple, powerful tools to mesh (inter-changeably) complex Soft-body dynamics, Rigid-body dynamics and Fluid Simulation in procedural formations. You now can animate objects in a way that was never possible before, hassle-free.

cebas' goal has always been dedicated to providing designer artists and the industry of animation a holistic and all-inclusive plugin that is at once powerful, sophisticated, physically accurate and indispensable. This now has come to fruition with the unveiling of thinkingParticles 6!


  • tP 6.0 Shape Operator Node

    ImplicitShape in thinkingParticles Release 6.0 is the newly designed Shape Operator node generating iso surface representations of density created by a particle cloud, and works to amazing 3d dimensions in creating a surface for fluid particle effects. It can also be used to create any kind of surface generated from particles and you can change multi-modality views to see its effects.

  • tP 6.0 Multi-Physics Fluid Solver

    MultiPhysics fluid dynamics presents a breakthru in realistic simulation of water and incompressible flowing substances. Release 6.0 integrates workflow of events to a high degree of manipulation based on realistic flow effects. The MultiPhysics Fluid Solver allows for soft-bodies interacting with rigid-bodies in FlowBoundary node; inter-particle procedural joints; HydroBoat node.

  • all new tP 6.0 Analyzer Tool

    Another groundbreaker for tP 6.0 is the real time Analyzer that tracks every development path of a simulation networks in all its complexity. The real-time Analyzer further empowers users to truly analyze in-depth details of DynamicSets; tracks PositionBorn in particle sets; emitterpaths; TrailBorn, FlowGroups captured in time intervals, giving users immense control, finest adjustments.

  • tP 6.0 Generator SnapShot Operator

    The Generator node can now procedurally create a mesh snapshot of any amount of particles forming one single larger particle representing the mesh at the time of snapshot using particle modelling and allow the complex whole to be simulated as one.

  • tP 6.0 Distance-based TrailBorn

    Powerful tool! Users create time-release complex structures based on procedural & particle modelling at interactive rates minus the hard work. Using Trail nodes, multi-level particles are generated - toggle distances of how the entire model meshes out procedurally, enabling effortless generation of sprawls, spiralling networks, symmetries or not.

  • ContactPoints Joint Creation

    New Utility added to thinkingParticles 6 to enhance Joint creation combined with Physics simulation. Any number of meshes can be selected and joints placed at closest contact points between objects to simulate joint movements. Thousands of joints can be created with a few clicks instead of cumbersome clicks.

  • Enhanced 6.0 GeomContact

    The GeomContact operator powerfully positions outputs between selected points of objects to create connections, procedurally, thereby giving the user greater flexibility and control as the object changes in scenarios across environments, interactively stable in conjunctions with other objects.

  • New Physics Parameter Handling

    By introducing a new level of integrative multiphysics solvers, artists effectively assign independent simulation parameters to particles right away via the physics simulation setup options. E.g., anchoring several animations to a swinging rope (BTropeImport node) and assigning directly to each object/particle which physics-solver will affect its motion to the swinging rope.

  • Spline Physics, Spline Modeling

    NEW nodes enable quick succession procedural spline modelling [3ds Max] New node, SplinePool, auto-generates a network of spline particles across any selected surfaces. The new nodes: SplineInit; SplineImport; SplineData; IsSpline; SplinePhysics; SplineKnot: the ultimate spline modelling tool for artists dealing with complex and diverse setups within tight deadlines.

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