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  The Foundry Ocula 3.0 for NUKE (Node-Locked License)
The Foundry Ocula 3.0 for NUKE (Node-Locked License)


The Foundry Ocula 3.0 for NUKE (Node-Locked)

A Node-Locked License enables a single software product to work on one particular machine. It is locked to a unique number on that machine.

List Price: $10,800.00
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Specs and System Requirements

Taking the headache out of stereo post production

The Foundry's OCULA is a unique collection of 14 workflow plug-in tools for NUKE designed to tackle common problems with stereoscopic imagery. Helping to take the headache out of stereo post-production, OCULA can be relied upon to boost productivity and ultimately deliver a more rewarding 3D viewing experience.

Reasons to buy OCULA:

  • Polish and refine your stereoscopic material with tools that automatically replicate key processes on left and right channels, making it easy to copy rotos and paint strokes from one eye to the other.
  • Enjoy greater creative flexibility and accuracy with pixel-level control over images and the ability to generate per-view depth maps.
  • Fix common stereoscopic problems such as vertical alignment, localised colour density differences and focus mismatches, and reduce interaxial separation.
  • Create consistent views when retiming stereo footage.
  • Conduct quality control quickly and easily with tools that let you review corrections and QC changes in disparity.

What's New in OCULA 3.0:

  • Made to meet your requirements OCULA 3.0 is the most significant upgrade to date.
  • Considerable improvement to OCULA's efficiency and 3D Stereo workflows
  • OCULA 3.0 brings an all-new Disparity Engine delivering cleaner, more accurate disparity vectors.
  • Make day to day workflows faster and smoother thanks to a wide range of tweaks and improvements to the engine tools.
  • New Focus Correction tool built to fix common problems with focus mismatching.
  • Ensure perfect parity when retiming stereo with new Stereo Re-timer function.
  • Achieve higher quality results with core tool improvements that build upon industry feedback and collaboration over the last three years.

OCULA for NUKE Full Feature Set:

Vertical aligner

Vertical aligner warps views vertically so that their corresponding features align, while keeping the horizontal position of each pixel the same. It can be used to remove focal length differences and rotations, eliminate lens or mirror distortions and fix issues with alignment depth. OCULA's vertical aligner also gives you greater control when removing localised vertical misalignments through the use of a per pixel rebuild. This plug-in is particularly useful for ensuring optimal vertical alignment of the final composites of hybrid CG and live-action shots.

Color matcher

Designed to help you deal with the subtle color differences that are sometimes present between stereo views, color matcher lets you match the colors of one view with those of another for across-the-board consistency. You can also create and export a global correction to start work on VFX and correct differences per pixel to handle complex color differences from polarization and reflections.

Focus matcher

Focus matcher helps to match the focus between left and right cameras, allowing you to rebuild in order to align with the hero view as well as to sharpen the footage and correct focus.


Differences between left and right views can make for an uncomfortable 3D viewing experience. Retimer is an optical flow-based retiming engine that's designed to remove these differences and ensure better viewing in stereo.

New view

The 'New view' plug-in enables the creation of a single view from a stereo pair of images, at any position between the original views.

Interaxial shifter

OCULA's interaxial shifter lets you change the interocular separation of stereo images - that is, the distance between the two cameras. This plug-in enables you to generate two new views at specified positions between the original images to control the disparity and depth in the stereo footage.

Engine tools

OCULA's core engine tools take care of the hard maths, leaving you free to focus on being creative. OCULA's 'Solver' tool calculates the relationship between cameras on a stereo rig by controlling the key-frameable calibration of camera pairs, letting you control how the toolset reacts to changing camera geometry through a shot.Disparity generator creates disparity fields for stereo images, based on a stereo camera rig calculated by the 'Solver' tool. The disparity field then maps the location of a pixel in one view to the location of its corresponding pixel in the other view. Disparity is at the core of the OCULA toolset, allowing changes to be mapped between pixels in left and right views. OCULA's Occlusion detector generates an occlusion mask that defines where pixels are occluded or missing in the left and right view.

Depth tools

Depth tools enable artists to create useful data for standard compositing tasks. If you have a CG scene with camera information and a z-depth map available, OCULA's 'Depth to disparity' plug-in provides a quick and accurate way of generating the disparity field. Disparity to depth works by generating z-buffer depth maps per view in a stereo pair. The z-buffer depth data can then be used elsewhere in the NUKE pipeline, for example to perform depth of field effects.

Troubleshooting and QC

'Disparity viewer' provides an artist-friendly way of previewing disparity maps by using vectors drawn as arrow overlays. Disparity viewer can calculate and render histograms of disparity and parallax lengths, making it easier to preview screen width violations, as well as check for changes in convergence in a comp.The 'New view' node can also be used to test the quality of disparity vectors calculated by the node to build a new view, for example by rebuilding the left from the right view. OCULA's stereo review gizmo also allows you to assess differences between left and right views when colour or focus matching.

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