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  The Foundry FURNACE 4.2 for NUKE Render Node
The Foundry FURNACE 4.2 for NUKE Render Node


The Foundry FURNACE 4.2 for NUKE Render Node

A Floating Render Only License enables a single software product to work on any networked client machine for rendering purposes only (i.e., on a CPU, without a user, in a non-interactive capacity) and shall not use such Software on workstations or otherwise in a user-interactive capacity. The Floating License should be put on the server and is locked to a unique number on that server.


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Specs and System Requirements

Problem solving 2D plug-in for NUKE

FURNACE is a sophisticated suite of 2D image processing plug-ins designed to enhance workflow and boost productivity for digital artists. Taking advantage of over seven years' research into advance image processing algorithms, notably motion estimation technology, FURNACE provides digital visual effects artists with a wealth of tools to quickly and effectively tackle a diverse range of everyday compositing tasks. Wire, rig and flicker removal, a world-class retimer, grain reduction, dust-busting, image stabilization, auto rotoscoping, image segmentation and much more, FURNACE features a whole host of plug-ins which you'll find yourself using on a daily basis. The FURNACE development team were honored with a Scientific and Engineering Award® from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences® for their roles in the design and development of FURNACE. The academy considered the FURNACE toolset's modularity, flexibility and robustness to have set a high standard of quality for optical flow based image manipulation. FURNACE seamlessly integrates with NUKE.


NUKE Full Feature Set:

Multi-channel workflow

A robust multi-channel workflow makes compositing more time-efficient than ever. NUKE allows you to manage multi-pass renders in a single stream, separate out individual passes for manipulation and work natively with high dynamic range imagery (HDRI). Multi-channel, multi-view and high dynamic range compositing are part and parcel of the NUKE toolset, meaning increased productivity and better data management.

Nodal toolset

With over 200 creative nodes at your disposal, NUKE provides all the tools you need to tackle the diverse challenges of CG compositing. These include all the industry standard keyers (Ultimatte, Primatte, Keylight), together with rotoscope and vector paint tools, time manipulators and multiple colour correction approaches, to name just a few.

3D workspace

NUKE's integrated 3D environment lets you combine live action 2D and 3D elements quickly and seamlessly. You can create cards, extended bicubics, bilinear meshes and standard geometric primitives and also import pre-constructed meshes. NUKE gives you extra control and flexibility with functionality that includes a 3D environment that offers displacement, 3D alpha shadows and stochastic samples control for motion blur.

32-bit floating point colour channels

Powerful and highly scalable, NUKE's resolution-independent, multi-channel pipeline allows you to read and output at any image size and manage up to 1023 user-definable 32-bit floating point colour channels. Even when processing super-high resolution footage at the highest 32-bit floating point precision on modest hardware, NUKE's multi-threaded, scanline-based rendering engine gives rapid feedback and accurate results.

OpenColorIO color management

With OpenColorIO (OCIO), the open source color management solution from Sony Picture Imageworks, you can handle color transforms and image display across multiple applications by setting up a single profile to provide consistent colors across all compatible applications. A key tool in simplifying the color management process, OCIO is suitable for both visual effects work and animated features and is specifically geared towards post-production work.

Stereoscopic workflow

NUKE's stereoscopic workflow saves you time by allowing you to keep your stereo footage as one image stream, separating left and right image streams only when you need to. NUKE supports any number of image streams, making it simple to work with multiple camera views. Whatever your preferred technique, NUKE has everything you need to tackle 2D to 3D conversion work, from simple pixel displacement to full on 3D match-moved geometry, with a 'displacement shader' tool to help achieve higher quality 2D to 3D stereoscopic conversion.

Deep image compositing

Deep Compositing tools allow artists to work with 'deep images' containing multiple opacity and colour samples per pixel. These allow you to render CG elements without the need for predetermined holdout mattes, so you don't have to re-render when content changes. Deep Compositing can also be used to create new volumetric effects and merge 3D images with reduced-edge artifacts.

Alembic, FBX & OBJ support

NUKE allows you to read and write geometry and cameras to and from Sony Picture Imageworks' Alembic file format. Alembic is a format for exchanging 3D computer animation information between different platforms and applications, letting you store 3D geometry in an economical way that uses small file sizes and allows you to load just the frames or elements you require. NUKE also supports other common formats: FBX and OBJ.

Python API and PySide

Accessible via the script editor or by running scripts on startup, NUKE's Python API can be used for full pipeline integration and for automating common tasks and procedures. PySide is also included to allow users to build their own custom user interfaces via Python and the Qt frameworks.2D tracker

NUKE's 2D tracker

NUKE's 2D tracker lets you track and correct difficult objects with ease and accuracy, whilst giving you fast and powerful control over core tracking functionality. The 2D Tracker's unique keyframe tracking functionality allows you to tackle difficult occlusion problems quickly and easily. With NUKE's 2D Tracker it is simple to average multiple tracks, deal with luminance variations, assist rotoscoping and work in stereo.

Relighting nodes

NUKE's Relight node makes it possible to relight renders in the comp environment, without having to use other packages for quick fixes and adjustments. You can also create point clouds quickly and easily using the 'Position to points' tool to see your relighting results in the 3D environment.

User presets & node toolsets

NUKE's user presets let you set tailored node parameters for effects and save these for use across multiple projects or shots to save time and ensure consistent results. Node toolsets in NUKE let you automate your workflow by creating grouped configurations of nodes for specific tasks. These can then be re-used at a studio, job, shot or individual artist level, saving you time and effort.

UDIM import

Using NUKE's UDIM import you can pull in a set of texture patches that follow the UDIM numbering scheme and quickly apply them to the surface of a 3D object. This feature makes it simple to work in conjunction with our 3D paint tool MARI and other compatible applications.

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