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Whether you work in visual effects, game development, aerospace or advertising, keeping track of digital assets as they are created can be a highly complex, time-consuming process. Files get lost. People work on the wrong files or tasks. Project sheets don't match file updates. And the list goes on.

TACTIC is a Web-based Production Asset Management system that combines digital asset management with detailed project management to simplify, secure and speed the complex process of creating digital content.

Not only does TACTIC manage assets in a secure database, it moves them through their entire life cycle with workflow automation tools, and automatically tracks their progress in real-time so that a project's status is never in doubt. Add to that an open API and a completely configurable Web-based interface, and TACTIC becomes the central pipeline through which all assets flow.

Whether a project is spread between departments or around the globe, employs 10 artists or 1000, TACTIC enables companies of all types to more efficiently and cost-effectively manage and track the creation of digital content from concept to final delivery.

Southpaw Technologies released Tactic as an open source asset management tool. Read more at