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  Sitni Sati FumeFX[max] 3.5
Sitni Sati FumeFX[max] 3.5


Sitni Sati FumeFX[max] 3.5

This plugin is compatible with Autodesk 3ds Max.

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Availability: Download available within 48 hours

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What's new in FumeFX[max] 3.5

  • Boundless grid with complete control over boundaries.
  • Added support for Field3D file format.
  • Continue from cache in a bigger grid.
  • Volume emission with Object Source.
  • MXS command ffxSilent - no Message box will show up (like Stop/Continue, etc).
  • Multiple Scattering for PreviewWindow
  • Multiple Scattering option to cast and receive, so if you have a scene with many grids and want to avoid MS computation overhead, this should be handy.
  • Ability to imprint various info to the Preview Window output.
  • From the Obj/Src rollout, right click on object/src to select it in the viewport that will automatically enable PinUI option. Multi selection is also possible,
  • Paths will show inside the Asset Manager
  • Pin UI will keep the UI opened even if FumeFX[max] is deselected. You can position lights and objects and GPU PW will update as well.
  • Preview Window has a new menu option "Lock to Viewport", so you can work on the scene setup in various viewports and PW will always display the chosen one.
  • FumeFX[max] Gravity parameter can have negative value
  • Sim Loop Mode option to reset sim at the beginning of each loop.
  • Added tooltips to output paths text boxes, so that users can see very long paths.
  • Added support for picking groups of nodes from Scene Selection window. Works with:
    • objects list
    • illumination lights list
    • object source objects list
    • particle source particle list
  • Added support for changing parameters for FumeFX[max] deflector objects for all group members if grouping button is enabled ('G')

Key Features

- Production proven results demonstrate this technology's ability to achieve realistic smoke and fire effects for cutting-edge industry applications.
- FumeFX[max] supplements the user's artistic vision with the power of real-world physics for the ultimate in both style and realism.
- A multitude of parameters and FumeFX[max] helpers give users maximum control of the fluid's behavior and appearance.
- Easy to use, basic effects can be created with just a few clicks.
- Options include the use of powerful AFC and Gradient controls, which are unified through all Sitni Sati products.
- Plug-in design incorporates extensive support for Particle Flow and Thinking Particles.
- Dynamic simulations allow for bi-directional influence between FumeFX[max] and particle systems.
- Advanced scripting via MAXScript is possible with almost every aspect of FumeFX[max], including access to all simulation data.
- FumeFX[max] is capable of dynamic interaction with other scene objects.
- For those technical artists who want to write their own shaders, a standalone rendering library is avilable for Windows and Linux, both 32 and 64 bit versions.


- Start simulations from scratch or by using other simulation results as a starting point.
- Stop, pause and continue simulations at any point.
- Simulation is multithreaded - users can select how many CPU's to dedicate to their simulation.
- Users can watch the simulation progress in the interactive Preview Window.
- Draft simulations can be created in mere minutes for fast previewing.
- User has control of which data is written to output files for rendering and further processing.
- Wavelet Turbulence algorithm quickly adds extra detail to low resolution simulation caches while preserving the existing overall motion.
- Retimer is a very efficient and fast method to slow down or speed up caches without the need to re-run simulation.
- Post Processing module can significantly reduce cache size by optimizing grid size around smoke/fire. It also allows users to decide which channels will be excluded from the final caches.


- mental ray for 3ds Max renderer support - available for both Windows and Linux.
- The Preview Window gives users almost instant feedback on render settings.
- Fast self-shadowing is produced through an Illumination Map which is integrated inside of the FumeFX[max] object.
- A highly efficient Multiple Scattering model enhances light dispersion throughout fluid.
- Fluid Mapping integrates procedural map details with fluid motion.
- The dynamic FusionWorks atmospheric renderer provides:
- Render Elements: Fire, Smoke, Velocity
- Proper blending with AfterBurn and ScatterVL Pro.
- Balanced mixing of FumeFX[max] and compatible atmospherics with 3ds Max Fog
- Ability to apply Image Motion Blur
- Option to affect Effect Channel
- Z depth

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