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Why buy it, when you can try it first?

Introducing the Try it Before You Buy It program at Motion Media. Now you can try that piece of gear that you've been wanting before you invest in purchasing it.

Why Try Before I Buy?

  • Make Sure it gets the job done
  • You only need it for a few days or weeks
  • Save money on purchasing
  • Test compatibility before making a major purchase.

Getting Started

The first step for renting from Motion Media is to open an account. Once your account is opened, you can browse our rental items and add them to your cart as you wish. It is highly recommended to call a Rental Representative to verify the availability of the equipment you wish to rent. If available, you will check out as if you're buying the equipment and your card will be authorized for the full purchase amount. Once the item is returned undamaged your card will be charged for the time the item was rented.

The Motion Media Rental Experience

Motion Media will do our best to ensure that all of our rental items are available at any time, but due to high demand of certain items, we can not guarantee availability. Please call (888) 542-8941 to check if the item you wish to rent is available. Our rental technicians are available Mon-Fri 9am-6pm PT for your convenience.

Rental Items

Prices subject to change.

Rental Item Daily Rate Weekly Rate More Info
AJA Ki Pro $200 $600
AJA Ki Pro Mini $140 $420
KONA 3G $139 $417
KONA LHi $104 $312
External Breakout Box for Kona 3G $27 $81
External Breakout Box for Kona LHi $25 $75
AJA FS1 HD/SD Audio/Video Frame Synchronizer and Converter $279 $837
AJA FS2 Dual Channel Universal Frame Synchronizer and Converter $349 $1047
Matrox MXO2 Mini for Desktops $31 $93
Io Express with ExpressCard/34 adapter $69 $207
Io Express with PCIe card adapter $69 $207
Matrox Convert DVI $69 $207
Hi5-3D - 3G/HD-SDI Multiplexer To HDMI 1.4a and SDI Converter $34 $102
GEN10 HD/SD Sync Generator $27 $81
HD10C2 HD-SDI/SDI to Component Analog Converter $62 $186
HDLink Pro DisplayPort 3D $32 $96
HDLink Pro DVI $32 $96
Intensity Pro $25 $75
HD5DA 1x4 HD-SDI/SDI distribution amplifier/repeater $25 $75
Credit Card Security Deposit

Ideal for clients with infrequent or small rental needs.

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