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What's New in Cinema 4D R17

Join Motion Media and Maxon to learn about the all new workflow enhancements in Cinema 4D R17, including the Take System, Color Picker and more.

Cinema 4D's new Take System delivers a revolutionary workflow experience, going way beyond the functionality of a regular Render Layer System. Whether you use Cinema 4D or a third-party render engine, you will enjoy the flexible scene management offered by the Take System. Create numerous independent takes of your scene and change almost any parameter for intuitive variations – all saved in one scene file eliminating file management hassles and wasted disk space.

Presenter - Thanassis Pozantzis

Thanassis has been doing graphics since George Michael first sang "Careless Whisper”, and using Cinema 4D user before Leonardo DiCaprio sank the Titanic. Claims to be one of the first Certified Cinema 4D instructors in the American continent and the only one in Canada, a fact that hasn't impressed anyone to date. His internet “handle” is “noseman”, and if you google it, he comes up first. Now that’s an achievement!

When is it?

Oct. 15, 2015 @ 11am PST

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in the new features of Cinema 4D R17

How to Register

The webinar is free, but space is limited. Mark your calendar (Oct.15, 2015, 11am PST) and reserve your spot asap at:
Webinar Registration

Webinar: Autodesk Licensing Changes Explained

Join Motion Media as we explain in detail all of the upcoming changes with Autodesk's licensing policies. We want to make sure you understand the business changes Autodesk is making, along with your options so that you may evaluate your needs and take any required action before the change becomes effective. We'll answer all of your questions including:

  • When do these changes take effect?
  • Why is Autodesk making these changes?
  • What happens to your current perpetual licenses?
  • Which products/suites are being impacted?
  • and much more...


Brian Gorne, President of Motion Media

Brian has been in the vfx software industry since the mid 90's and an Autodesk Gold Partner for just as long. He is currently the president of Motion Media.

When is it?

Oct. 28, 2015 @ 11am PST

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who currently uses Autodesk products, or plans to purchase in the near future.

How to Register

The webinar is free, but space is limited. Mark your calendar (Oct.28, 2015, 11am PST) and reserve your spot asap at:
Webinar Registration

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