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Digital Extenders DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort Switchers & Matrixes

Digital Extenders

DisplayPort, Dual-Link DVI, DVI and HDMI Boosters, EDID Detectives, HDMI, Power Distribution Racks, Single-Link DVI

Splitters, Converters and Scalers Fiber Optic Extension Cables

Converters and Scalers, DVI Splitters, HDMI Splitters, SD/HD/3G-SDI Products

DisplayPort Extreme Fiber Optic Cables, DVI Fiber Optic Integrated Cables, HDMI Extreme Integrated Fiber Optic Cables, HDTV Extreme Fiber Optic Integrated DVI Cables, Multi-Strand LC Fiber Optic Cables, Multi-Strand SC Fiber Optic Cables, Single-Strand SC Fiber Optic Cables, Single-Strand ST Fiber Optic Cables

Long Range HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI Active Booster Cables Short Range HDMI, DVI Cables and Cables

Display Port Cables, DVI DLX Dual Link Cables, DVI Dual Link Cables, DVI Single Link Cables, HDMI and DisplayPort Booster Cables, High-Speed HDMI Cables

High-Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet and Mono-LOK, Mono-LOK Cables for HDMI Cables

Adapter and Extension Cables Designed for Computers Analog Extenders

Active Apple Combo Cables, DVI to HDMI Cables, Firewire Cables, Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cables, Mini-DisplayPort to USB Cables, USB Cables

RS-232, PS/2, Audio Extenders, VGA, Component, Composite, Audio, RS-232 Extenders over CAT5, VGA, USB, Audio, PS/2, RS-232 Extenders over CAT5

CAT5 and CAT6 Cables Analog Cables (VGA, Audio, RS-232, Component, others)

Shielded CAT5 Cables, Shielded CAT6A Cables, Unshielded CAT5 Cables, Unshielded CAT6A Cables (Belden)

Analog Audio, PS/2, and RS-232 Cables, Component Cables, DVI-I Cables, RGB Cables, VGA Cables

Adapters Accessories

Firewire, USB, PS/2 and Audio, HDMI to DVI, HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort Cable Couplers, Mini-DisplayPort Adapters, VGA, DVI-I, Component and RGBHV

External Power Supplies, IR Extenders and Blasters, IR Remote Controls, Power Cables, Push-Button Remote Controls for Switcher Products, Rack Trays

Wall Plates DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI-HDMI Adapter Cables


DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI-HDMI Adapter Cables

Component, USB and Digital Audio Extension Cables Digital Signage

Component, USB and Digital Audio Extension Cables

Digital Signage is an exciting new way to advertise your business or service. The concept is simple; Mount a display or set up a kiosk in an area of high visibility, create your content, and load it onto your player.

GefenTV Product Line GefenToolBox Product Line

Audio Splitters, Converters and Switchers, Converters, Scalers, Splitters, and Switchers, Extenders for HDMI and VGA

Controls, DVI KVM and USB 2.0 Extenders, HD Signal Generator, HDMI 3DTV Extender, Scaler, Splitters, Switchers and Matrixes for HDMI, USB 2.0 Extenders

GefenPRO Product Line

DVI and 3G-SDI Matrixes, HDMI, DVI, and HD/3G-SDI Scalers and Extenders