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BlueArc high-performance network storage solutions enable media and entertainment companies to eliminate bottlenecks and focus on what they do best – creative development, production, post-production, transcoding and distribution. BlueArc solutions provide a cost-effective answer for today's most challenging storage problems in media and entertainment and provide the foundation for a scalable and flexible infrastructure that protects your investment for the future.

Content Capture

Technological breakthroughs in Computer-Aided Imagery (CG) are enabling content creators to produce revolutionary advances in films, video and TV, animation, games, commercials and all other forms of media. This bold new world of innovative digital content is exciting, but also challenging. Artists need to be able to collaborate more efficiently and they need to be able to have at their disposal huge data files that can be manipulated and shared without any delays or downtime. In addition, they often need quick access to older files. With BlueArc, content creators are able to work with a storage solution that is equally as groundbreaking as their CGI solutions. BlueArc solutions provide speed, quality, and high-availability for reducing artist downtime, speeding up production schedules and enabling more revisions.


The content is created, it is taking up massive storage space, yet it's not quite ready for post production. Analog files have to be converted to digital, digital files have to be transferred. The Ingest process is a critical stage in the development of content as the captured content is ingested and formatted for post-production and rendering. The files can be huge – think about a feature length film or a computer-animated game – and the storage infrastructure has to be able to deliver on the need for high capacity, high speed and high throughput. BlueArc technology enables media and entertainment companies to employ tiered storage assets in a single, global namespace and it accelerates both throughput and I/O to handle ever-increasing data and iterations.

Post Production

You know what they say: "We'll fix it in post." That should be amended slightly: "We'll fix it in post – if we have the right technology." So much of what happens in the creation of content happens in the post-production process. It is where everything comes together, whether its music or animation or sound effects or changes in lighting, color, painting or composition. With all of that varied content in digital formats, it is a tremendous challenge for the storage environment: Not only in storing everything but in making it accessible. A sound clip, for example, may be housed in archived storage, but that doesn't mean the post production editor can wait two days for it. The content must be there when it's needed. Throughput is also critical in post production. If an editor is synching sound with animation with changes in the background, he or she could be losing considerable time and productivity waiting for everything to be available. Finally, post-production is a highly collaborative process, whereby directors may need to see new versions before the editors move forward. If the revised content can't get to the editor in time, the project can be delayed and the deadline missed. All of which is to say that as the world gets more and more digital, the need for high-end storage in the post-production environment is becoming more and more critical. BlueArc technology brings a wide range of capabilities to enable and enhance this process, including intelligent tiered archiving, high throughput, scalability and simple management and upgradeability for expanded storage.


Rendering is a process that is totally dependent on having a robust storage infrastructure. If the storage network goes down at any point in the process, deadlines are missed, productions are delayed and IT managers are probably losing several nights sleep. Today's rendering solutions, such as Pixar's RenderMan, are not just about throughput, they are also about driving high demand input/output operations per second for maximum throughput. BlueArc provides solutions that avoid slow rendering and speed up output. BlueArc also enables intelligent tiered storage solutions to help increase the productivity of your render farms and, because output is quicker, artists are not losing productive creative time waiting for a storage cluster to render.


Transcoding is the process of taking files that have already been digitized and converting them to another code, such as MPEG-2 to MPEG-4. The files are often quite large and the need for speed is often a significant challenge. With video, high transfer speeds are necessary to prevent performance degradation and, in the case of transcoding, media and entertainment companies are often dealing with tight deadlines: A commercial that has to be ready for a specific time slot, a TV show that needs to be streamed the day after it airs, a full-length movie that has to be made available in Blu-ray, HD and other formats in five or six different languages. With BlueArc networked storage solutions, media and entertainment companies have found that they have been able to dramatically increase productivity, meaning they can produce much more revenue without increasing staff. Having a flexible and scalable storage solution also means they can take on additional projects without worrying if the infrastructure will support them.


Digital content – bits and bytes, basically -- moving in a variety of different directions over different network types to different devices of varying sizes and form factors, all over the world, in a variety of different languages. It is safe to say that, for media and entertainment companies, the delivery of content is not what it used to be – and it's getting even more challenging. For instance, HD content requires 833 percent more storage capacity per hour than SD content and HD video streams demand eight times the throughput of SD streams. With storage solutions from BlueArc, media and entertainment companies can handle today's challenging digital workflows and provide shared, ultrafast access to a common pool of data and minimize data center footprint and storage costs for enormous archives.

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