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  MotionBuilder Network License Activation Fee
Autodesk MotionBuilder Network License Activation Fee

The Network License Activation Fee upgrades your Autodesk standalone license to a network license. You must currently own an Autodesk standalone license in order to qualify for this upgrade. Call us at (888) 542-8941 if you have any questions about this upgrade, or if you need help ordering an Autodesk license.

Autodesk MotionBuilder Network License Activation Fee

Network licenses are ideal for larger organizations that require many individuals to access and use Autodesk software from multiple locations.

Contact us at (888) 542-8941 to get a personalized quote. We can often get you a better price than what we can advertise on our website.

MSRP: $1,050.00
Special Info: Electronic delivery

Availability: Electronic Download available within 1-2 business days

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Network Licenses

Network licenses are ideal for larger organizations that require many individuals to access and use Autodesk software from multiple locations.

A network license supports the use of Autodesk products up to a maximum number of users or "seats", who are connected to a server network. The products can be installed on as many computers as desired; however, at any one time, can only run on the maximum number of computers for which licenses have been purchased. Because you can install the products on more systems than the number of licenses purchased, you get true floating licenses across your entire organization.

A software utility known as the Network License Manager (NLM) issues licenses to users, up to the number of seats purchased. If all network licenses are in use, no more computers can run the Autodesk product until a license is returned to the NLM. The NLM is supported by the three possible server models below. When purchasing a network license, you specify the server model which best suits your needs.

  • Single License Server Model — The most basic of the three options, the Network License Manager is installed on only one server, so all license management and activity is restricted to one single location. A single license file represents the total number of licenses available on the server.
  • Distributed License Server Model — Licenses are divided across more than one server, each containing a unique license file representing a portion of your total number of licenses. The Network License Manager is installed on each server so all license activity and management is distributed among the number of servers that best suits your needs. Servers do not need to exist on the same subnet and if one fails, the licenses on the remaining servers are still available.
  • Redundant License Server Model — All licenses are configured on three different servers. Each server contains the same license file so all of your software licenses are available on each server. The Network License Manager is installed on each server and can monitor and issue licenses as long as at least two of your three servers are functional. All three servers must be located on the same subnet and have consistent network communications (slow, erratic, or dial-up connections are not supported).

For more information, call (888) 542-8941.


MotionBuilder 2013 animation software delivers robust new tools that help production teams more reliably acquire, aggregate, and refine data, and offers a new nonlinear editing paradigm for Virtual Production. With the option to record live motion capture data directly to disk, support for broadcast WAVE files, and the ability to output SDI (serial digital interface) video, MotionBuilder 2013 bettter supports a modern production pipeline. In addition, extended nonlinear editing tools, z-depth selection tools, and targeted performance enhancements accelerate everyday workflows. Also, with a flexible new HUD (heads-up display) and a floating viewer, animators and directors can benefit from views optimized for their individual requirements.

Key New Features in MotionBuilder 2013

Live Data Recording to Disk in Story

A new option enables motion capture or certain other live input data to be recorded directly to disk, rather than to memory; a representation of the data is added to the Story timeline, where it can be loaded for editing when required. With this option, studios are no longer limited by the amount of data that will fit into RAM, but only by the size of their hard disk, effectively enabling them to record take after take in rapid sequence; performers can act out a scene without interrupting the creative flow. A token system for clip naming helps facilitate integration with asset management systems.

Heads-Up Display

Artists can now take advantage of a flexible new heads-up display (HUD) feature set to render real- time metadata into the viewer. HUD elements can contain static or dynamic data: text fields, bitmaps, and aspect ratio masks are all supported. Artists can choose from a number of presets (among those offered are: scene name, take name, camera name, frame rate, and camera focal length), or add a property reference or relationship constraint from within the scene simply by dragging and dropping it; animated values will update as the scene plays back. Each camera can display a different set of HUD elements. The system is extensible via the MotionBuilder SDK (software development kit).

Floating Viewer

Artists and directors can now each view the scene information that is important to them in an appropriate context, thanks to a new Floating Viewer. This enables one camera view to be displayed on a separate monitor from the main viewports; as an example, the artist might be viewing their working cameras on a computer monitor, while the director is viewing the final output on an additional display.

Broadcast WAVE File Support

New support for professional broadcast audio WAVE files enables embedded timecode data to be more accurately interpreted; as a result, video and audio files can be more easily synchronized.

Story Clip Grouping

Animators can simultaneously edit the timing of multiple clips, thanks to a new Summary Clip option in the Story timeline. The Summary Clip enables them to translate, scale, or cut all of the clips in a folder of tracks in a single action. This provides a useful method of making high-level changes to multiple characters at once.

Video Out

New in MotionBuilder 2013 is the ability to output an SDI broadcast video signal. This is useful in situations where a genlock reference signal is required; as an example, when capturing real-time video output for offline editorial, without having to wait for a rendered file.

Z-Depth Selection

A number of new features help artists select objects more easily, especially those with semi- transparency. Artists can now: toggle a mode that enables them to select through semi-transparent objects; change the transparency threshold through which selection is possible; cycle through objects based on their z-buffer depth; and more easily see what's selected by hiding objects in front, hiding all unselected objects, or overriding the color of the selected object.

Audio Retiming

Audio clips can now be retimed in the Story timeline, enabling artists to match audio timing with the timing of the animation.

Performance Enhancements

Targeted performance enhancements in MotionBuilder 2013 help increase overall productivity to keep creativity flowing. In particular, scene load time, merging assets from multiple scenes, and selecting objects in a scene with many nodes are now significantly faster.

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